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Gambling Affilation


Gambling Affilation

Affiliate programs among bookmakers are becoming as effective a marketing tool as online casinos. The reason is simple – they guarantee equal or similar benefits to all participants of the cooperation. One of such global affiliate aggregates is the brand operating on the Internet at The company specializes in recommending the best online gambling campaigns and games.
Anyone interested with Gamblig Affiliation can compare and search the majority of verified offers and proposals for the game in a given discipline or on specific financial conditions.
This platform is an offer not only for ordinary users, but also for advertisers. All you need to do is create one account to get many functions. By opening an account, the user has the option of controlling the statistics of his campaigns, managing campaigns and downloading marketing materials. Every day, many players are recruited, which is why the advertiser has great opportunities.

  • special bookmakers
  • poker
  • horse racing
  • roulette, one-armed bandit, blackjack
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Bet-At-Home Affiliates


Bet-At-Home Affiliates

Despite numerous legal and tax restrictions, bookmakers on the Internet and in the form of mobile applications are developing today. Bet At Home belongs to one of the largest international bookmakers’ offers and takes care of constantly expanding the customer base by actively pursuing its own affiliate program.

Co-operation with the Bet At Home affiliate program is very profitable. Sites that redirect active users and registered customers to the pages of this bookmaker, can count on paying a pretty satisfactory commission at the level of 5 to even 30 percent counted on the turnover generated by a specific customer.

Affiliate websites therefore make sure that users with experience will be cooperating with Bet At Home. They send users who are somehow selected or trained to set up an account, pay the first deposit and bet on the coupon, and with the loss of the first funds. Ideally, if you are a person ready to re-transfer your virtual wallet. Each such deposit will also mean a profit for a partner operating within the affiliate network. So, for both the bookmaker and the referrer, it is a system that guarantees profits.

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Best casino affiliate programs

Marketing based on affiliate programs plays a very important role in the strategy of acquiring customers by the largest casinos and bookmakers. Bookmakers’ companies or online casino affiliate websites have limited opportunities to attract new customers through external advertising. Partners cooperating with a given brand through an affiliate network are able to redirect to a given website or domain a significant number of users who not only log into the bidder’s home page, but will probably also sign up, register or join the newsletter.

Benefits for each party

From the point of view of typically commercial and financial results, and because of their longer-lasting character, casino affiliate programs are definitely a better solution than a text or graphic ad sending only to a given address. With such a redirection, neither the casino or bookmaker, nor the owner directing the customer to another domain have no benefits. This is because the Internet user has not set up an account or interfaced, did not pay a deposit, etc.
In this respect, the casino affiliate allows the redirector to get profits only from the turnover generated by the redirected online casino. The casino therefore gains a player who pays money and withdraws money, while the affiliate partner gains a commission on the turnover generated by such a new client casino affiliate sites. This is undoubtedly a win-win arrangement in which everyone participating in online casino affiliate marketing can count on permanent and long-term benefits.

It should be noted that in the affiliate system:

  • Internet sites recommending participating in the casino referral program, referring to specific domains and gambling platforms, strive for their users to be interested in poker or other gambling and not be discouraged to place their money online.
    This leads to a situation in which the referring parties to other specific websites must take care of published materials and the quality of publications. This is important because it clearly translates into the quality of Internet traffic sent to a friendly casino. Online casino affiliate programs are earned only from active and playing users, that’s why websites participating in the casino affiliate network are doing everything to make their users motivated and prepared to deal with the given platform.
  • Tenderers, which means big and smaller online casinos, must compete for the client by proposing the best conditions.
    The rules of online casino affiliate programs legal are clear – all websites and internet domains present their campaigns and offers to compete for Internet user’s attention with others, displayed in the form of clear and transparent ranking results. To get the interest of Internet users, the offer must be competitive. Players looking for the best conditions to play blackjack or roulette can compare the bidders and choose consciously those who give the most opportunities to earn.
  • Websites referring their Internet users to their friendly casinos as part of a well-functioning casino affiliate marketing, earn money not only from a single entry, which is allowed by the most basic recommendation campaigns.
    Here, the profit comes along with the money spent by the directed customer, but there is no time limit. Under optimal conditions, an affiliate partner can count on a regular commission – its amount is from 5 to even 30 percent of the turnover on the account created as part of the affiliate program. One effective redirection of the right customer to the best casino affiliate sites leads to securing your regular profit over a longer period.

Earnings in affiliate programs

For the user and the client, whose aim is to locate the most interesting promotional campaigns, reaching for special websites of affiliate programs and partner systems is a great solution. First of all, because you can be sure that every valuable bidder and an interesting local supplier, just like a global and widely recognizable international brand – will be on the list offered by the best casino affiliate programs. If an online casino or its brand counts in any way – it will certainly be cataloged, indexed and displayed to the user by the offer comparison service according to his query or the parameters indicated.

Professional players value the best casino affiliates because they can collect potentially much greater profits with the same game strategy, accepted system or effectiveness of their approaches. Therefore, earnings can grow not only depending on the results of the player, but also depending on the particular casino, which he decided. Therefore, a significant proportion of experienced online gamblers transfer their capital to where the highest casino affiliate earnings are proposed. In these types of programs, information about other significant membership conditions or promotions in the style of a start or freebet bonus is always updated on a regular basis – this helps to make a decision to associate with a particular brand for a longer period.